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The Broad Arrow Lodge is the "youngest" of the English Lodges as Constituted in Bermuda.

The Lodge from its inception judging by the Records had a military bias right through to the mid 1920's.  Whilst not specifically a Military Lodge most of its Brethren came from the Armed Forces.  The Garrison of these Islands at the time of the Lodge being formed was of considerable size.  However, with the dilution of the Armed Forces especially since the mid 1920's Brethren of the Lodge have changed from basically Military to Civilian in status.

The Crest of The Broad Arrow Lodge has a slightly vague origin principally because of a lack of early records.  This is most unfortunate.  However, some surmising can be done.  The Broad Arrow has for many generations been used as a British Government mark on all Government materials (including at one time on the uniforms worn by convicts!!)  One also sees the Broad Arrow on British Government boundary stones marking property especially War Office property.  The Broad Arrow is thought to have originated in the Sidney family in England and is certainly still to be found in various forms on the estate of Lord de Lisle and Dudley VOC., at Penhurst who is the present head of this family.  The heraldic name for the Broad Arrow is the 'phean'.

The preceding paragraphs are just an excerpt from this document "The History of The Broad Arrow Lodge No. 1890 G. R. E. Bermuda 1881 - 1981". Click here to view the entire document as a pdf.

Also click here to view the History of Freemasonry in Bermuda pdf.

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