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Broad Arrow Lodge 1890 GRE is one of five lodges in Bermuda working under the English Constitution and meets the 3rd Monday of every month with the exception of July, August, September and December. Our meetings are held at Freemason’s Hall, Reid Street , Hamilton and we normally Tyle at 7:00 p.m. extraordinary circumstance s permitted.

There are a total twelve working lodges in Bermuda the history of which dates from the late eighteenth century and is associated with the military’s presence here.  Due to its unusual and eclectic masonic history, Bermuda is most fortunate to have English, Scottish and Irish lodges holding charters issued by the Three Grand Lodges.

There is also an open fraternal camaraderie between all Constitutions and Freemasons in Bermuda and the various and multiple differences in ritual and membership are accepted as a wonderful privilege in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the Craft.

All lodges in Bermuda are pleased to welcome visitors to any of our meetings. Admission is of course is by introduction or examination. Should you not know a member of the lodge you intend to visit, please note that all lodges will require current documentation from your mother lodge and you should be prepared to undergo proper examination prior to being admitted.

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